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KVH Nurseries - High Quality Kiwifruit Plants

February 10, 2020

The nurseries at Southern Cross Horticulture specialise in the production and supply of high-quality, grafted kiwifruit plants and rootstock. Our highly controlled greenhouse environment combines the best of plant science with exacting horticultural processes that have been passed down by generations of growers on our family-run orchards.

KVH nurseries are certified as being pest-free and disease-free and this is an essential element for successful kiwifruit vine establishment. Buying from Southern Cross Horticulture means that as well as purchasing a healthy, robust plant, you also gain access to our specialised planting recommendations, tailored to your planting period, that will help you to grow your wealth, faster.

About the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme

KPCS Full Certification plants are certified plants that meet the testing requirements for all target organisms, including Psa. Nurseries that meet this standard have demonstrated that they can keep Psa out of their nursery and plants have tested and been certified as being ‘Psa-Not Detected’.

At Southern Cross Horticulture, all of the plants sold in our nurseries are tested and certified, guaranteeing high quality plants for growers and investors. We take great pride in going the extra mile for our growers by providing plants with large, healthy root systems that have been grown to our exacting standards.

KVH Protocol

Being a KVH Nursery means following strict protocols that enable effective management of biosecurity risks to our plants as well as maximising kiwifruit vine health and productivity.

At Southern Cross Horticulture, our nurseries and orchards incorporate KVH protocols into our daily routines of orchard hygiene, plant growth and management, budwood, grafting, harvesting and packing. We take pride in being industry leaders who responsibly engage with the highest possible standards for kiwifruit production.

The KVH protocols are built around best practice guidance for orchardists and can be read about in detail here for growers or investors who are new to the industry.

Nursery Requirements

To be a part of the KVH scheme, nurseries must meet the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS) standards and be aligned with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) methodology.

These measures ensure that the plants you buy minimise the risk of spreading pests or diseases to your orchard and increase your chances of successful and prosperous vine establishment.

If you are an orchard investor or new to the kiwifruit industry, our staff can help you understand the technical terms** and acronyms. Make your kiwifruit vines a smart investment in your future by choosing Southern Cross Horticulture to supply your plants.

Full Certification Plants

Plants that have been granted full certification by KVH are certified as having a high level of confidence that each plant is completely free from harmful pests and diseases. It is essential for growers to prioritise the purchase of healthy plants to guarantee the best chance of successful vine establishment.

Gaining full certification requires independent auditing and testing. Southern Cross Horticulture is proud to be a KVH nursery that provides growers with fully certified plants.

New Zealand is divided into areas of Psa-V Exclusion, Containment and Recovery. You can read more about the different growing regions on the KVH Regional Classifications to understand what type of area your land falls within.

If you are considering the design and placement of vines in your orchard, you will need to consult carefully the KVH protocols and map these against the type of region where your orchard is located.

KVH Grower Responsibilities

Southern Cross Horticulture is proud to operate as a KVH nursery with certification for all our plants. Our staff work throughout the year to create orchards and nurseries that benefit from the latest in bio-technology, plant-science and Kiwi ingenuity.

We take our responsibility as a Grower and industry leader seriously and our team are always available to support investors and new growers as they develop an understanding of healthy, sustainable kiwifruit growing practices.

Grower responsibilities are centered on the creation of detailed orchard management plans, monitoring and reporting of plant health and quality and adherence to KVH protocols.

Sourcing kiwifruit plants from a KVH nursery

Buy your Kiwifruit plants from nurseries with KPCS “Full Certification” – certified plants that meet all the testing requirements of all target organisms. These can be moved between regions in accordance with KVH movement controls.

You may also like to read our Kiwifruit plant buying guide.

Southern Cross Horticulture has Full KVH Certification

Southern Cross Horticulture nurseries has completed the following steps to achieve and maintain full certification with KVH.

1. Complete the KPCS Nursery Manual and submit to KVH for review
2. Be independently audited annually
3. Have plants sampled and tested by KVH annually prior to dispatch

Enquire now about ordering plants from our KVH Nurseries

All our kiwifruit plants are grown indoors to KVH accreditation requirements. To order Kiwifruit plants and vines from our KVH nurseries, please use the following nursery enquiry form, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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