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Great work, team culture, great accommodation*.
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The play

If you like working with great people, you’ll also enjoy the fun activities we do in our downtime. From the little things like regular ice-cream treats or a BBQ to team events like indoor sports, surfing days and white water rafting.

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The stay

We also offer clean and safe accommodation. But space is limited so apply soon.

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Want to know more about the job?

Find out more about working hours, pay, accommodation and transportation by reading our FAQs.
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“It’s like being a part of an extended family, all the staff are very friendly and it’s a positive atmosphere to work in.”
Hannah & Adam, UK
“It will teach you to really appreciate what work you have done with your own hands …”
Mericia, New Zealand
“I love working at SCH, the people are kind and welcoming, it is quite like a family we all help each other out, and make every day a good day.”
Angel, New Zealand
“Great place to work with people from all over the world. If you are looking to work with a good atmosphere and a great team, don’t hesitate!”
Alex, France

What's your next step?

At SCH, we value our seasonal workers highly. In fact, some of them have become our best employees. When you enter the industry as a Horticultural Assistant, you hit the ground running.
By gaining valuable work experience in multiple aspects of our operation, you open up a number of exciting career paths. Whether you’re here for the short-term or the long-haul, seasonal work at SCH is an excellent opportunity.

See where you could end up

Follow in others' footsteps to success

From grafting plants to Seasonal Labour Business Partner
in 3 years.
Read her story
From picking fruit to Commercial Manager in 6 years.
Read his story
From installing hail nets to Establishment Manager in 3 years.
Read his story
From Graduate Programme to Orchard Technical Advisor in 1 year.
Read her story
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Be part of our purpose

We’re looking for people who share our values of
excellence, integrity, teamwork,
strong relationships,
and a great attitude.
We'll invest in you, and we want you to invest in us.

We recruit all year around

Here's an overview of what you can expect to be doing at different times of the year.
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