Orchard maintenance
by growers for growers

Introducing the orchard care specialists

Are you getting the best performance from your orchard? Everything wears out eventually, so maybe it’s time for some repairs and maintenance. Because we strive to continuously improve our orchards, we have knowledge we can use to help you get the most value from your orchard.

Our orchard care service identifies where you might need some work to keep things running smoothly, and even where potential upgrades could help you lift your game. We get alongside you and collaborate on solutions to increase your orchard’s productivity.

If you’d like to hear more about what we offer, just give us a bell or drop us a line and let us know how we could help.
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We could elevate your orchard with:

Repair broken canopy wires
Canopy cable & wire retention
Canopy cable & wire retention
Overhead vertical
Boundary shelter update to comply with 2022/23 CPP
Orchard irrigation replacement
Hail cloth
Net repairs
Upgrade to Ag-BeamTM replacement pergolas
End assembly replacement
Stand alone

Some more ways we can help you:

• Fast track repairs • Broken/missing posts • Under vine • Hail cloth • Bottom side net • Top side net • Deadman replacement • Racker replacement • End assembly wire tensioning • Re-align canopy posts • Replace shelter poles • Buildings/structures/fences • Bore casing/concrete pads • and more
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Our five-step service sets you up to perform:

1. Assess

We use our experience to audit your orchard and infrastructure.

2. Prioritise

We offer prioritised recommendations to get your orchard in top shape.

3. Plan

We collaborate on an action plan with you.

4. Implement

When you give us the green light, we get moving, starting with the highest priorities.

5. Check-ins

We get in touch annually to help you maintain your gains.

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Meet new shelter requirements:

Boundary shelters work hard to keep spray in and keep the elements out, but soon they’ll have to meet new standards set out in the 2022/23 Crop Protection Program to offer even greater protection.

If your boundary borders an area defined as sensitive (such as rivers, schools, parks) we can help you update it to meet new porosity and height requirements.

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“The attention to detail and continued willingness to help, finding solutions to undertake repairs in a timely and efficient manner is second to none. Works completed near seamlessly all around a valuable crop hanging. Great work lead from Grant with an excellent team supporting.”
Kiel Mans - Owner of Braveheart Orchard

Regardless the size of your project, contact Grant to see how we can help