Bigger crops faster with our grafted kiwifruit plants

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Why choose SCH kiwifruit plants?

Raised in our own network of greenhouses to exacting scientific standards, these kiwifruit plants are ready to help you achieve bigger and faster crops. We’ve fine-tuned our own unique nursery process and controlled environment to deliver plants that are of very high quality, highly consistent and delivered on time – ensuring you get the best results.
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Fill your canopy faster with Supercharger

Until now, young plants in cropping orchards followed the same old script – one year to grow roots and shoots, another year to grow leaders, a third year to grow canopy, finally a small crop in year four.
But now the SCH Supercharger goes in with leaders so you get third year canopy growth in your first year and crop in the next.

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Consistent, quality kiwifruit plants, on time

These three criteria are critical to orchard development and when kiwifruit plants don’t live up to these standards, this can severely impact on both time to crop and the ultimate yield and capacity of the orchard many years from now.

Our consistently high quality Kiwifruit plants help you minimise your risks and produce exceptional results – allowing your orchard development to crop bigger and faster than the industry average.

Raised on plant science expertise

Creating the right type of environment for Kiwifruit plants to thrive and deliver great results requires more than just the right infrastructure – it needs a team of highly trained and seasoned experts to care for them. Our specialists cover every aspect of the nursery process, including:

  • Horticultural Science
  • Propagation
  • Seedling care
  • Growing and agronomy
  • Orchard planting strategies

The perfect start for your plants

We specialise in growing robust and large kiwifruit plants for you. We achieve this through creating the perfect nursery environment – a result of an exacting process that has taken years to develop and refine. That environment includes controlling:

  • Irrigation and nutrient solutions
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Beneficial biology

A choice of variety and rootstock

Our grafted kiwifruit plants are available both Bounty and Bruno rootstocks. Available in most varieties including G3, M33, M91, Hayward, and Chieftain. Other cultivars are also available on request.


What’s in the pot?

Our potted plants are delivered to a guaranteed specification and quality:

  • Large, healthy root system ready to be planted in the orchard immediately.
  • In large 8-litre PB 12 pots.
  • A minimum height of 1m with a graft height of between 50 and 70cm.
  • With a diameter 200mm above graft; Bruno - 8mm, Bounty > 6mm
  • We ensure graft unions are thick and healthy.

All kiwifruit plants are grown indoors to KVH nurseries accreditation requirements. We provide kiwifruit planting recommendations tailored to your planting period to help you maximise plant growth.

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"Southern Cross Horticulture has displayed a high level of professionalism and reliability in their supply of quality grafted plants."
Peter McBride - Zespri Chairman
"Southern Cross are reliable and dependable producers of consistently good quality grafted plants."
Roy Anderson - Senior Orchard Operations Manager
"Southern Cross is great to work with, proactive and flexible, and delivers great plants."
James Greenlees - Grower
"We are extremely happy with the service and the quality of plants this year."
Bryan Grafas - Senior Orchard Operations Manager