Cultivating growth for our customers and our team

Our purpose, mission and values are key to how we do business. We never stop growing and we’re looking to partner with like-minded people – customers and team members alike – who share our passion and our values as we strive to build the world’s best kiwifruit orchards together.
Southern Cross Horticulture
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Enhance – team, customers, shareholders, community.

Southern Cross Horticulture builds top-performing kiwifruit orchards that deliver bigger crops faster, but our business is about more than yields and returns. It’s about cultivating sustainable growth that benefits our customers, our team, our shareholders and the wider community.

We believe that in our sphere of influence we can have a positive impact on the people around us. It’s our purpose to help our partners grow in a way that benefits everyone and leaves a lasting legacy.


Create and manage the world’s best kiwifruit orchards

It’s our mission to create the best kiwifruit orchards in the world. New Zealand is a world leader in the kiwifruit industry already and as a key player in this market we strive to create orchard developments that consistently outperform the industry average.

SCH Mission
SCH Values


Our values underpin everything we do. At Southern Cross Horticulture, we believe that when we do the right thing and we do things right, we build the foundation for a fruitful partnership for everyone.

  • EXCELLENCE - BETTER YOUR BEST: At SCH, we see excellence as a moving target, and believe that we can always do more and grow stronger in every way. This growth mindset demands excellence of those around us – but most importantly, from ourselves. Every day we aim to better our best, to deliver more value for our team, customers, shareholders and community.
  • INTEGRITY - DO THE RIGHT THING EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING: Our industry relies on trust and integrity - and so do we. At SCH, we do the right thing, every time, even when no-one is looking. To us, doing the right thing means: Put the customers first. Do what you say you'll do. No shortcuts. An honest day's work. Go the extra mile. Contribute any way you can. Be straight up and honest. Own your actions. Treat others with respect.
  • TEAMWORK - WE COLLABORATE TO SUCCEED: Working collaboratively we can create significantly more than we could on our own. In an environment where we own our actions and we have each other’s backs, we can share ideas, take opportunities and grow as a team.
  • RELATIONSHIPS - WE BUILD TRUST: Strong relationships are the key to our success as a company – and the key to winning relationships is trust. At SCH we replace the words selfish with selfless, and colleagues and customers with family. In every interaction, we are focussed on understanding where others are coming from, so we can work together to create win-win outcomes.
  • ATTITUDE - BRING YOUR BEST SELF: From the moment we open our eyes, we choose our attitude for the day. We choose to be happy. We choose to make others happy. We choose to bring our best self. We don’t wait to be told, we lead from the front. We don’t throw in the towel, we react with patience and positivity. We don’t point the finger, we take ownership.
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