World-class kiwifruit investment opportunities

As a subsidiary of Southern Cross Horticulture, Southern Cross Investment Partners creates world-class New Zealand kiwifruit investment opportunities, and delivers premium investment returns to its investors.
Southern Cross Horticulture
Own a highly-productive kiwifruit orchard

Own a highly-productive kiwifruit orchard

Every year Southern Cross Investment Partners releases a small number of premium investment opportunities into new kiwifruit orchard developments. These opportunities are open to wholesale investors.

Options to suit

We structure the investments to suit you. You can either co-own an orchard with us, or invest as a unit holder in a larger syndicate. The choice is yours.

Partnership approach

At Southern Cross Horticulture, we invest our own money in each orchard - which gives you the peace of mind that we have "skin in the game" right alongside you.

Investing made easy

We take care of everything for you - from locating and purchasing the best land, securing kiwifruit license and growing the highest quality plants in our nurseries, through to building and managing a top performing kiwifruit orchard on your behalf.

Own a highly productive kiwifruit orchard, Pie chart depicting kiwifruit orchard investment

Orchards that grow your wealth faster

All orchards are built and managed by Southern Cross Horticulture. We have spent more than 40 years perfecting our systems and developing industry-leading innovations to maximise returns. We achieve this by using only the best quality materials combined with highly evolved orchard development processes and techniques. This combination delivers early fruit, in large quantities, at optimal size and quality.

A complete end-to-end solution

Investing in kiwifruit is not new. So what makes our offer different? We're one of the few operators in New Zealand that's capable of developing a high-performing orchard from bare land. Together with you, we’re creating a new productive land-based asset. Our capabilities cover the full lifespan of an orchard. We're experts at selecting the land, preparing the site, building the infrastructure, nurturing the plants, and managing the orchard. Through this unique turn-key approach – which allows us to  improve quality at every stage – we’re able to deliver faster crops, and bigger yields more consistently. This vertically-integrated business model means we’re not reliant on third-party contractors for critical steps. Of course, this delivers key benefits to our investors. Having the ability to develop our own orchards means cost-efficiencies, time savings, and control over quality.

Trade secrets built over generations

Our success has been built over generations. We know the sector inside out, and are working with a highly skilled team of 60 staff who are experts in their chosen fields. Our orchards consistently produce initial and on-going yields larger than the industry average.

Industry-leading innovations

We've been at the forefront of many industry-leading innovations, and we never stop growing. As the global demand for gold kiwifruit is forecast to continue growing rapidly, we are in a unique position to help increase premium quality supply.

Complete end-to-end solution

We’re not reliant on third-party contractors for critical parts of development, and this delivers key benefits to our investors. Having the ability to develop our own orchards means cost-efficiencies, time savings, and control over quality.

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A future-proof investment

When you invest in a partnership orchard with Southern Cross Horticulture, you’ll become part of the gold kiwifruit global success story. Our investment model is designed to deliver competitive returns via both income and capital growth – all based on your shared ownership in a valuable land-based asset.

Excellent cash yields

Southern Cross orchards produce crops from as early as 21 months in the ground, and our first crop yields typically outperform the industry average significantly. We pass on these income benefits to our investors and are proud that our orchards help you grow your wealth faster.

A land-based asset as diversification

Horticultural land offers wonderful diversification to a portfolio. It is an investment that is typically uncorrelated to paper based assets like the stock market and it is of course an asset you can see and touch.

Access to Zespri shares

All Southern Cross Horticulture orchards grow Zespri kiwifruit, and as a shareholder in a partnership orchard you will become eligible to own shares in Zespri. This is an option that’s exclusive to kiwifruit growers and orchard owners, and could form an important part of your investment portfolio. Zespri is the recognised global category leader in kiwifruit. Consumers know and love the brand.

Appreciating orchard values

The value of New Zealand kiwifruit properties has been steadily increasing in recent years, driven by increasing cash yields. Of course, this investment is underpinned by appreciating land values generally.

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