The case for investing in kiwifruit

New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry is on a powerful growth trajectory. This is largely driven by the extraordinary success of the SunGold variety, which is sought-after by a growing number of consumers around the world. In order to meet this increasing global appetite – New Zealand needs more orchards, growers, shareholders and investors.
Southern Cross Horticulture

Become part of a global export success story

When it comes to the supply of premium quality kiwifruit, New Zealand is the undisputed ‘fruit-bowl to the world’. We’re a country with unrivalled advantages – ideal growing conditions, depth of technical expertise, and a world-leading approach to global marketing.

Become part of a global export success story, Globe demonstrating the export locations of kiwifruit through Zespri

Zespri are world leaders in premium kiwifruit

All Southern Cross Horticulture orchards grow Zespri Kiwifruit. Zespri is the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit – selling to more than 54 countries, and responsible for the majority of global trade. As an industry we have developed a hugely successful global brand that commands premium prices.

Securing a prime position in the global supply chain

Zespri has secured an enviable position in the global supply chain. With an in-market presence in various markets, Zespri-branded fruit is now enjoyed 12 months of the year by consumers around the world.

And global rights to the highly successful SunGold

Zespri has the worldwide plant variety rights (PVR) to a number of kiwifruit varieties; including the extremely popular SunGold. Global demand for this distinctive and nutrient-dense fruit continues to grow.

Invest in an industry with a bright future

Since launching in 1997, Zespri has successfully placed New Zealand-grown kiwifruit on the world stage. Yet the next 20 years could prove even more fruitful – with a number of global trends that support the sector’s long-term outlook.

Invest in an industry with a bright future, Child eating golden kiwifruit

Global trends in favour of kiwifruit

There’s a growing trend towards healthy foods – driven by a focus on health and wellness, ageing populations, and growing middle classes in developing economies. Consumers also want food that comes from safe, trusted producers.

Feeding the world's growing appetite

Worldwide consumption of kiwifruit currently accounts for less than a 0.5% of all internationally-traded fruit. This shows that kiwifruit is still an under-developed category – with future potential to be discovered by millions of new consumers in new markets.

The opportunity to grow with us

Recognising the huge potential of SunGold, Zespri has a clear strategy to boost future production. New SunGold orchards – that are able to produce quality fruit within short timeframes – will be needed to meet this demand. This is the ‘sweet spot’ where Southern Cross Horticulture operates.

Zespri targeting a doubling of sales creating demand for new high quality orchards

Zespri has a target to grow total global sales to $4.5 billion by 2025. Most of the growth is expected to come from SunGold, which is predicted to increase by 2800 hectares to over 100m trays. This represents a huge opportunity for us and our investors to develop new SunGold orchards, and produce quality crops as soon as possible.

Southern Cross perfectly placed

Southern Cross Horticulture’s vertically-integrated business model is unique in the sector, and it’s our end-to-end solution that allows us to get such great results. Our model allows us to be a market leader at creating world-class orchards. We are able to design, build, establish and manage high-performing kiwifruit orchards – and bring them to production quickly.

This represents a huge opportunity to develop new Southern Cross Horticulture - SunGold orchards, and produce quality crops as soon as possible. Together with investors and land-owners, Southern Cross Horticulture is ready to make this happen.

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