Kiwifruit Plants For Sale in New Zealand

We grow and supply all major varieties of kiwifruit plants to customers in New Zealand.

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Kiwifruit Plants for Sale New Zealand

The best grafted kiwifruit plants for bigger and faster crops

The quality of our Southern Cross Horticulture plants allows us to create top-performing orchards. Raised in our own network of greenhouses to exacting scientific standards, these kiwifruit plants are ready to help you achieve bigger and faster crops. We’ve fine-tuned our own unique nursery process and controlled environment to deliver plants that are of very high quality, highly consistent and delivered on time – ensuring you get the best results.

Guaranteed specification and quality

  • Plants are a minimum of 1m high when delivered
  • Diameter 200mm above graft, Bruno > 8mm, Bounty > 6mm
  • Potted plants are in large PB 12 pots
  • Potted plant with large healthy root system ready to establish in orchard

Order your kiwifruit plants from Southern Cross Horticulture to create world class kiwifruit orchards.

Bruno Grafted Kiwifruit Plants

  • BRUNO MC79
  • BRUNO M91
  • BRUNO Chieftan
  • BRUNO Russell
  • Bruno G3 (ZESY002)
  • BRUNO Hayward
  • BRUNO M33
  • Bruno R19 (ZES008)
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Bounty Grafted Kiwifruit Plants

  • BOUNTY M91
  • BOUNTY Russell
  • BOUNTY G3 (ZESY002)
  • BOUNTY M33
  • BOUNTY R19 (ZES008)


  • BRUNO Rootstock
  • BOUNTY Rootstock
SCH Values
"Southern Cross Horticulture has displayed a high level of professionalism and reliability in their supply of quality grafted plants."
Peter McBride - Zespri Chairman
"Southern Cross are reliable and dependable producers of consistently good quality grafted plants."
Roy Anderson - Senior Orchard Operations Manager
"Southern Cross is great to work with, proactive and flexible, and delivers great plants."
James Greenlees - Grower
"We are extremely happy with the service and the quality of plants this year."
Bryan Grafas - Senior Orchard Operations Manager

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