FAQs - seasonal work

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1. Will training be provided?

Yes, all training will be provided by our supervisors.

2. How much will I be paid?

There are three different methods of payment, depending on the task:

  1. Hourly rate: if you work in the nursery you will be paid hourly at a living wage rate which is currently $22.10 + 8% holiday pay. If you work on orchards you will be paid hourly at $22.50 + 8% holiday pay.
  2. Contract rate: some orchard tasks are done on a contract rate, like harvest. Your pay will reflect the number of bins you pick so the faster you pick, the more money you make. This is a great way to earn a good amount of money in a very short period of time.
  3. Hourly rate + bonus: some tasks are paid on an hourly rate with a bonus after the task is completed, providing targets have been met. For example, if you work on planting you might be working on an hourly rate for two months then receive a bonus at the end which can be as much as $3 extra for each hour worked, depending on what role you were in.

3. Do you provide accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide accommodation at the moment, though we are in the process of building living quarters which will be completed by March 2022. In the meantime, we are happy to recommend accommodation providers in the Te Puke / Papamoa area--feel free to ask Michaela about this.

4. Do you provide transport?

We will be able to provide transport to and from work for up to 9 team members living in the Te Puke area from December 2021. Until then, and in other areas, everyone needs to have their own transport to get to and from work.

5. Which location will I be working at, how far do I have to travel and do I get any contribution to my fuel costs?

Our sites are spread from Te Puna all the way to Edgecumbe, and we are also developing orchards in the Auckland region. You might be required to work on different sites while you're with us as the work availability on each site changes.

For example, there might be work available in Pukehina for 2 weeks but then we might ask you to travel to Edgecumbe for another 2 weeks. All our sites are within an hour's drive from Tauranga.

We consider up to 45 minutes each way a reasonable time to travel to and from work. If your travel time exceeds 45 minutes, we will pay you for that difference.

For example, if you drive from Tauranga to Edgecumbe (1 hour) you will get 30 minutes extra paid for the day (15 minutes each way) added to your pay.

Our locations in the Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions:

6. What does the normal working week look like and is the work weather-dependent?

Our nurseries operate on a Monday – Friday basis (not weather-dependent) whereas our orchards operate 7 days a week as most of those jobs are weather-dependent. However, weekends are usually used to replace rainy days over the week, so if the weather is fine Monday – Friday we prefer it if the orchards team has a break over the weekend.

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