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Which orchard will provide a high return on investment?

June 22, 2019

Golden kiwifruit orchards deliver high ROI - Getting that important first crop in is key – but that’s only the beginning. From there on, every harvest counts. When you partner with Southern Cross Horticulture, you could achieve a first crop as soon as 21 months after planting – with the right infrastructure, plants and orchard management strategies in place. Here is how.

1. Golden kiwifruit orchards deliver fast return on investment

While kiwifruit plants need time to grow and flourish before they can yield their first crop, we have streamlined our approach to kiwifruit orchard development to provide you with a fast return on investment. Southern Cross Horticulture is the leading integrated kiwifruit orchard developer in New Zealand. Our orchards consistently produce yields earlier and far higher than the industry average.

We understand the importance of achieving high yields early on, so we combine our industry expertise with the best materials and techniques to ensure our orchards grow bigger crops faster than most other orchards. With our 21 month establishment model, we effectively offer a faster time to crop than is usual in the industry. We also offer 27 month and 33 month establishment models, which may be suitable for your particular requirements and growing environment. Browse our list of successful projects to get an idea of what you can achieve with your own Golden kiwifruit orchard.

2. Golden kiwifruit orchards deliver long-term results

Big, fast crops are just one part of the story. But there is much more to a successful kiwifruit orchard. The best orchards are those that are profitable quickly as well as sustainable in the long run. From the initial planning and planting through to the first harvest and beyond, Southern Cross Horticulture will help you put the right strategies in place to ensure that your orchard will deliver excellent results for years to come.

When we build a kiwifruit orchard, we know that it’s a business decision. We work with a dedicated team of experts that will create a unique kiwifruit orchard development and management plan, tailored to your specific growing environment. The on-going orchard management, including grafting, pruning and pest and disease control, is crucial for the success of your orchard in the long run. Infrastructure-related factors such as drainage, water supply and irrigation also play a critical role and need to be planned accordingly right from the get go. We’re here to help you get it right first time. Find out more about how to establish a kiwifruit orchard, and how to convert a dairy farm into a kiwifruit orchard.

Our plants are the foundation of our work, and we only use plants from our own nurseries because we know they are healthy and strong and will produce excellent yields year after year. Find out more about the quality plants we sell and how to choose the best rootstock option for your property.

Ready to get started developing a Golden kiwifruit orchard?

If you’d like to know more, the first step is for us to meet. We’d welcome the opportunity to visit your land, to listen to your vision, and discuss the potential to create a world-class orchard with you. Get in touch with us to today.

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