Yellow Tree

Summer planting

February 21, 2023

The sun has finally decided to show itself in the Bay of Plenty and Southern Cross Horticulture is using every hour to complete outstanding summer planting projects for the 2022/23 season. Just over 30 hectares are planned to be planted across six different orchards. Majority of these orchards are being developed by SCH in the Te Puke region. 


Summer planting is used to achieve our 21-month and 33-month models, which means achieving a harvestable crop at the end of these periods. Planting involves marking out the hole locations, digging the holes by spade, planting the plants, securing them with a bamboo stake and attaching a spray guard. We aim to achieve between 1,000 and 1,800 plants per day, or one hectare per day, depending on labour. Our summer planting window is from early November through till early March.


The placement of the plants is important to ensure a uniform and world class performing orchard. All our plants are placed using bungy ropes, measuring poles and bamboos which ensure our plants are planted straight,100% of the time. The plants are placed in the ground and lifted slightly to reduce the roots from becoming too wet and causing diseases. This also makes it easier for the roots to find fertilisers which are applied. In addition, SCH ensures the soil covering the crown of the roots is leveled and won’t wash away the soil in rain which would expose the root hairs.