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SCH Business Units

May 3, 2023

Our mission is to Create and Manage World Class orchards… along with much more!


SCH is recognised for its large-scale development of bare land into World Class Kiwifruit orchards. Andrew (Director) attributes SCH's competitive advantage to its people, values-driven approach and unified team collaboration across business units within SCH. These business units consist of Construction, Horticulture, Contracting, Labour, Nursery, Repairs & Maintenance, People & Culture, Health & Safety and Finance. 


Although a large percentage of our work consists of building a structure and following through to producing the first crop (Construction + Establishment), we have a strong history in all thing’s orchard related; nursery plants of all varieties, repair and maintenance work, along with construction of new artificial shelters and netting, hayward cutovers, crop harvesting, ripping and planting, orcharding spraying and contracting services, orchard ground work (power harrow, reseeding, etc) to list a few.


Do you need an orchard posted and built but you want to plant it yourself? Do you have an orchard but not the time to manage it? Do you have outstanding orchard repair work? At SCH we’re happy to get stuck in and encourage you to get in touch for a quote.