Yellow Tree

Innovation in Monitoring

November 4, 2022

For the 2022/2023 growing season a new method of crop monitoring is being trialed at SCH. The Green Atlas Cartographer was acquired by Matt Ryan and Emyr Thomas, SCH’s Innovation department. The machine is designed to replace manual counting and offer a large-scale assessment of bud, flower, and fruit numbers within orchards.


How does it works? The machine sits on a Polaris side-by-side and is driven up and down each orchard row. There are a series of high-speed, high-resolution cameras, high-powered lights, LiDAR and GPS locator that allow the machine to accurately map the bud, flower, or fruit numbers within the orchard canopy. The machine is operated by 1 person and can drive at a speed of approximately 15km/h, scanning1 ha in around 15 - 20 minutes.


How is the data displayed? The scan once complete is sent off to Green Atlas for processing. The software used in processing the scan is the magic behind the accuracy and reliability of the data. The scan is returned to SCH in a PDF format where a per meter square breakdown on bud, flower, or fruit numbers is superimposed on a map of the orchard. This allows the orchard manager to not only see an average data value for the entire block, but to also focus in on high or low data value areas that may require more attention.


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