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Farewell to teams

December 12, 2023

With some of our RSE teams contracts finishing, it’s time we say goodbye and thanks to those who have helped some of those that have helped us achieve world class outcomes.


This month we say goodbye to two teams from Kiribati and one team from the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Island team will be returning next year after they have reconnected with family and friends. Some RSE teams are with us for nine months. This means their first tasks with us were harvest or winter pruning. These are both very hectic periods of the year, and we are proud of our SCH team members who contribute greatly during this time. SCH provided a day of friendly competition, go-karting, for some of the teams as a fun farewell. This New Zealand send off was a load of laughs and differed a lot from the regular kiwifruit banter and competition they have been accustomed to.


Not only has their input impacted SCH and our work over the year, but it has also made huge changes to their lives back home. Working in New Zealand with SCH has allowed them to contribute to their communities and bless their families in their communities. Some of our RSE’s purchased tools while here and sent them to their families to help with building homes. Clothes have also been bought home as they are much cheaper to buy and ship from New Zealand than buy in their own country.


SCH will miss these hard working and enthusiastic teams. Their efforts will not be forgotten.