Yellow Tree

Creating and managing world class orchards and being world famous

February 21, 2023

Jan and Garth from Oaklands orchard are continuing to make a name for themselves and SCH in the Auckland growing region. Oaklands was SCH’s first limited partnership and is located in Waikuku, Auckland. The property is all SunGold(G3) and is entering its second year of production.


Jan and Garth from Oaklands have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to our values of excellence, integrity, teamwork, relationships, and attitude. To show their appreciation to their contractors, who were of Indian origin, they organised a barbecue at the end of the harvest season. The contractors were impressed by Jan and Garth's professional demeanour and work ethic and expressed their gratitude through culturally appropriate gestures, such as cleaning up and wearing their best clothes. The contractors captured memories of the occasion, and a few weeks later, Jan and Garth were featured in a newspaper, which was shared within the Indian community.


Finding reliable labour for horticulture in Auckland can be challenging, making the efforts of Jan and Garth more impressive. Their commitment to the SCH values and their ability to build strong working relationships with their contractors, sets them and SCH apart in the industry. As Jan and Garth take on more hectares through new external customer development in the area, they can build deeper relationships with contactors due to greater scale and work available.